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100_6945I started this sight a few years ago and then ended up moving half way across the country.  Now after 3 years it is time to start it back up.  Look for new content coming soon.

Episode 0002 – Sock Puppets

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In this episode I will show you how I make sock puppets. Sock Puppets are great fun to play with and to make. Great project to do with family and friends and when your done, have a puppet show.

sock puppets

Have fun with this project and share the video with your friends. Send pictures of your sock puppets and I’ll post the best.

Download Video:

Quicktime 105 MB
Windows Media 66 MB

Computer Junk Christmas Tree

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Here is a Christmas tree decorated with old computer junk. I made the decorations with several of my students 4 or 5 years ago. We set it up in our computer lab every year after Thanksgiving. It fits in real well with all the computers and the students seem to get a kick out of it each year (especially the new students.)

Computer Junk Tree

My favorite part is the garland. We made it from keys off of old computer keyboards. We pryed the keys off and then drilled a hole through each one and strung them on a string (this is time consuming and is what I refer to as a “good student job.”)

Keyboard Key Garland

Let me know what you think. Also, show us what you have done for a uniquely decorated Christmas tree.

Other neat trees:

Jovino’s Electronics Junk Tree
Mountain Dew Tree

Episode 0001 – Fish Christmas Ornament

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Welcome to the first Episode of Making Junk.

Fish Pic

Be sure to download the Template File to help you complete this project.

I hope you enjoy this. If so let me know and share it with your friends.

Download Hi-Res:

Quicktime 114 MB
Windows Media 73 MB